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Welcome to: The Reformed Sanathan Calendar -- follow it and reap glory in life!!

Sri Adi Sankara's Digvijaya route across Bharath

We have dedicated Reformed Sanathan Calendar to the memory of Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada, the ever bright star in the Spiritual sky of Bharata Varsha and the first all-India Dravidian and revolutionary author of “garibi hatao” mantra.

In his composition on the mother goddess known as “Soundaraya Lahari”, Adi Shankara describes himself as “dramila shishu” --son of Dravida land that is India south of river Narmada. Earlier during this brahmacharya days, to wipe out the poverty of an indigent mother Shankara causes a shower of golden amlakas by his immortal “kanakadhara sthava”. A big temple is being raised now near Kalady to perpetuate this miracle. The Acharya walked he length and breadth of the country unifying and strengthening Sanathana Dharma.

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